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“Cherish your vision and your dreams, as they are the children of
your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”
–Napoleon Hill

Welcome Inspiration Seekers!

Richard Cohen, at 60 years old ran across the United States from Coast to Coast to create an awareness within America surrounding the issues that affect Baby Boomer’s in our society today. Richard told the Tampa Bay Times: “…After a week, I got pretty frustrated and decided I’m not in the frame of mind to look for a job.” Richard often would run to clear his head and after the frustration of not being able to find work, he felt running was the best thing to do.

Richard took an inspired leap of faith and decided to complete a goal he had “running” in the back of his mind for more than 20 years.  When he lost his business, his house, everything due to the economy, he knew that he had to do something big with his life.

Richard had spent much of his life running marathons and knew that running across the U.S. was a major goal he wanted to achieve. It took losing everything for Richard to find this clarity around a distant dream in the back of his mind and it took a leap of faith to make this dream come alive and for Richard to proudly stand on the West Coast at 6:15 a.m. having just completed his run across the U.S.

Here is a quick video from Richard telling his story and why he decided to run across America.

As you saw in the video, Richard dedicated his run to the Baby Boomer’s in America that are unable to find employment but are not yet ready to retire. However, Richard’s story while dedicated to what started his decision to run, is so much more than that difficult time he experienced.  Richard’s story represents a difficult situation that many have faced and how he turned his situation into an inspiring and heartfelt story.

Would You Take a Chance to Fulfill a Life-Long Dream?

In Richard’s book 20at60 A Baby Boomer’s Run Across the U.S., Richard describes his journey from a place of new found freedom. When he decided to risk everything he had left and live out a dream with purpose, his entire life changed forever.

During Richard’s run he started realizing what was really important in life. He experienced mind-blowing kindness from strangers during his trek across America, he saw the power of nature and its beauty while he ran through 8 states and 272 towns and cities. But most of all he gained a new awareness of who he is and the realization that anyone can live their dream.

What Happens at the End?

Richard’s Journey took him from a place of despair to complete fulfillment and abundance. Because Richard ran across the U.S. he was able to help sponsor 2 important charities, he has had several appearances in the media speaking about his journey and he now owns a Consulting Company for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs called Small Business Solutions.

After the Run, Richard and his wife Sheryl relocated to Tampa FL and in Richards own words: “My wife and I have been married for 42 years. We’re living our dream right now. We love the place we live in Hyde Park. The people we’ve met are as nice as can be. If this is the way my life will be for the rest of my life, I’ll be as happy as I can be.”

Read all about Richard’s adventure in his newly published book

finished book  bw cover for kindle 4 5 13

5 out of 5

20at60 A Baby Boomer’s Run Across The U.S.

Richard’s book includes beautiful full color pictures from many of the cities he visited and stayed in during his journey. It is available on Amazon in Kindle Edition or Paperback.

Rave Reviews for 20@60!

By Suzie Herzberg
What a great read! This is a story of courage and hope, and living out a lifelong dream. It is the true story about a man who, because of the economic crisis, loses all that he’s worked for his entire life. After asking himself what now, he decides to turn pain into hope by raising money for charity while fulfilling a 20 year dream of running across the US. His wife, who obviously has complete faith in him is up for the adventure, and for the next 5 1/2 months becomes their manager.

By Barbara Port
Reading 20@60, Richard Cohen’s incredible adventure running 2350 miles across America, was both fascinating and uplifting. Richard took me along as he brought his lofty dream to life. He vividly describes in words and photos the magnificent beauty of our country both in scenery and in the kindness of strangers. The promise of hugging his daughter when he finally reached the Pacific enabled him to withstand the blistering 114 degree heat with stinging sand blowing in his face, painful feet and limbs and complete exhaustion.

An Awe Inspiring Run.
By Gary Leventhal
Anyone who has done any long distance running at all, knows how difficult, if not impossible, a run like this could be. To do it at age 60, is mind boggling. The mental challenge, as well as the physical challenge, is so hard to fathom. What a great story!

Much More than a Run
By Erin Carp
20 at 60 became my bedtime companion until I completed it in just a few days. I would read a chapter look to see how long the next chapter was, and with sleepy eyes, but a longing to read more, I kept reading and reading.
At first I thought this book was about a man whose life had changed dramatically and his lifelong desire to fulfill a dream to run across America. It was this, but so much more. Richards journey took life back to my childhood generation when life was much simpler. People were caring, genuine and sincere. His decriptions of the people he met, his interactions with these people and all the curve balls thrown at him on his journey, made for a very intersting read. The better side of humanity comes out vividly through his travels, both on Richards part and also the people he embraces. I felt like I too was making this trip, because of his detailed decriptions of the towns and cities he traveled through and the personalites of the people he met along the way. His ability to adapt to all situations was truly inspirational and I hope I can rethink my thoughts the way Richard so naturally did.

Richard is truly one of those people who makes lemonade out of lemons. His wife Sheryl was a huge part of this dream and you will feel you’ve come to know a truly down to earth, terrific duo when completing this book.


Richard’s book was inspired by his story and his run across the U.S.

It all started when Richard, at the age of 60, lost his business, his house and almost all his life savings. He decided to fulfill a 20 year old dream of running across the entire United States, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, 2350 miles from Jacksonville Beach, Fl. to San Diego. 20 miles a day for 119 days through 8 states and 272 town and cities. A physical and psychological journey that took Richard from the depths of despair to the pinnacle of joy and contentment. His personal pleasure of running and the psychological strength built on running alone with nothing but his thoughts, over 600 hours of running through deserts, over mountains and through intense summer heat created a new and enlightened perspective of himself, others and the world in which he lives.

Order your copy today!

finished book  bw cover for kindle 4 5 13thumb

20at60 A Baby Boomer’s Run Across The U.S.


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