About 20 at 60

20 at 60 was a 20 mile per day run across the United States by a 60-year-old former small business owner of 37 years, who  lost his business due to the recession.

Richard turned the pain of his financial collapse into hope by raising awareness and money to aid unemployed workers. This group of formerly employed Baby Boomers is without a spokesperson; they are seemingly lost in the story of the recession and the woes of the US economy.

Richard is proud to partner with and raise money for the United Way and Nefesh B’ Nefesh— two charities that are making a difference daily in the lives of the displaced work force.


4 thoughts on “About 20 at 60

  1. We(my wife Julie) and I met Richard and his wife today. Richard came by Fleet Feet Albuquerque to purchase running shoes. What a great story! Were so impressed with this team and how humble they are. Someone who actually does something to bring attention to thier cause. Very inspirational and sincere folks who make our job really easy. It was a pleasure to meet you both and hope your Brooks Ghosts take you all the way to San Diego in comfort and style! Happy Running and God Bless you both. We will keep you in our prayers! Jackson, Manager Fleet Feet Albuquerque

    • Jackson, thank you for your help Saturday in the store. I’ve been wearing the shoes and they are great. Breaking them in now to get them ready for my final push to San Diego.
      Love the socks!!

      Thanks to you and your wife at Fleet Feet- Albuquerque.

  2. Hi Richard and Sheryl,
    We received your lovely card today! We are still feasting on the cookies, cake and ice cream. Glad you enjoyed Santa Fe, you will just have to come back sometime and we will all go to the Shed. Happy that the air is clear. Please be safe and we will keep in touch. Julia and Jeff

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