Meet Richard

Born during the Baby Boom, Richard Cohen, grew up in Montgomery, Alabama and quickly cultivated a strong work ethic and drive to succeed. He graduated from the University of Alabama where he met his wife of 39 years, Sheryl. He later earned a Master’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts. They had three children and are now the proud grandparents of two.

Throughout the last two decades Richard has fed his passion for long distance running completing 7 marathons and running over 4,000 miles.

Richard has owned his own business for 37 years. Despite hard work Richard found himself unemployed in October of 2010 when he was forced to close his store due to the economic downturn.

He is determined to bring light to the plight of the unemployed through fulfilling his dream of running across America.

After Run Update:

Richard now owns his own Consulting Company called Small Business Solutions geared towards helping entrepreneurs successfully run their business with the right tools and inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Meet Richard

  1. “Aye but for the grace of God go I”.

    I deal with cancer patients day in and day out in my job. I am forever acknowledging that through no great deeds of mine I have been blessed thus far with incredible health. I have found no rhyme nor reason as to why a health conscious young woman with small children becomes a victim of cancer.

    In today’s climate of economic instability, I feel the same way about being gainfully employed! Through no great accomplishment of my own God has seen fit to bless me with continued financial income.

    Richard has brought my attention more personally to the economic travesty so many are experiencing currently. I applaud you Richard and wish you great success in your endeavor to enlighten the rest of us baby boomer’s to a plight that only by pure chance or, if you will, the grace of God, we ourselves are not directly experiencing!

    Good luck!


  2. You are a blessed person Richard. I lost my wife of 30 years about 3 years ago and I would be walk or run through a desert just to be with her one more day. I think what you are doing is great, but whatever you do and no matter how tough it gets or how tired you are, look your wife in the eye at least once per day and tell her you love her. G_d Bless you and your family and thanks for supporting Nefesh B’Nefesh, Israel needs all the help it can get these days.

  3. Hi Rick

    Greetings so proud to have your spirit in San Diego. My name is Bobbi running and the ocean are my way to just keep me as grounded as possible.
    Lost my soul mate sarah over two years ago and just had to run more.
    Many things have taken place and seeing you just brought the most heart felt ttears. All i have to offer is my friendship will you accept?


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